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JJ(Jai Jagganath) isn’t just your regular everyday gym. Yes, we have the best facilities and equipment you will find in all of the city of Chandrapur, all spanning over a whopping 12,000 sqft area. But, that’s not what we are most proud of. What truly sets us apart is the scientific approach we take towards fitness and the unbelievable results our clients have achieved from it. Our goal isn’t just to give you a great body – it is to transform your mindset along with your body, so your mind is trained to give only the best to your health – in terms of your workout, the food you intake and your whole approach to physique transformation.

Vijendra Singh

The Founder & Chairman

Vijendra’s passion for the perfect physique started at a very early age. He was always keen to build a muscular body, except he didn’t know too much about training or nutrition at that point. Following the path that everyone else takes, he thought working out harder and eating less would help him get fit. Of course, this didn’t result in any improvement or development in his body. This is when he started to realize that his methods were most likely incorrect. Then, he tried another route – he started to approach huge bodybuilders that seemed to know what they were doing. When he started training with them, he realised that most of their bodies were a result of combining great genes with drug usage. Soon, Kunal embarked on a journey to understand the complete science behind fitness and its close companion, nutrition. Steel is a culmination of that knowledge and intensive science behind body transformation that Kunal has discovered over his decade long experience with the fitness industry.

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